Tuesday 23 September 2014

Open Mic on 26th September

Our next Open Mic is on the 26th September.

If you've ever wondered what goes on at these events then please wander down to the Workhouse to watch, join in or just soak up the ambience. This is Friday night so make it one to remember!

Our next Open Mic after this one is the Sponsored Open Mic, so if you want a bit of practice, we're there to help you on your way.

Don't feel it has to be music - although we love music. Your thing may be poetry, prose, dance, mime, live art, or whatever you want to show off to an audience (within reason and the law!).

See you there.

Jane and Phil

Sunday 31 August 2014

Thursday 28th August

If you weren't at The Beehouse Recording Studio Open Mic last Thursday, you missed what I can only call the most fantastic musical treat, the most fun and the greatest night in a long long while. Starting from quiet and unpromising beginnings with an empty piano, two exceptional artists who had arrived after journeys from Shrewsbury and Carno, there was the usual moment of trepidation. On the arrival of act number three having struggled around a massive diversion en route, we were ready to kick off.

Tom Matthews and Jonny Welburn have to be the nearest thing to a Weird Al Yankowic double act - they have a seemingly endless playlist of both old and very new, all reproduced in their own inimitable comic style - both great vocalists - Tom on guitar and Jonny - what do you call that thing between your legs anyway? (A drum you can sit on?) Kicking off the evening with irrepressible mirth the audience were singing with them from the outset. All I can say is - do not miss them again, you will never hear "Caught in a Bad Romance" played acoustically with such a rowdy chorus. Thanks for making it Tom and Jonny!

Next up was Billy Clark. Billy plays 12-string with a rare fingerpicking style. He plays his own music and his tracks are totally instrumental. Maybe we thought that, because of the instrumental nature of things this would drift into the background, but Billy engages the audience very powerfully, both with the skill of his technique, which left us breathless, but also with the harmonic quality - there were times when I was sure there was a vocalist in the room because of the harmonic sounds generated. Looking around, I noticed even people who had drifted in from another event were pausing and staying to listen to what was a truly compelling set. Thanks, Billy.

Last Thursday, we were also very excited to host the talents of Nic Evans. If you have not heard Nic sing,and you enjoy great vocals, take the time to catch him at a future event. Not only is he a great showman, involving both audience and other musicians with his own guitarwork, but he has his own sense of pace and focus that drives his audience. He performs both his own material and covers, and is genuinely able to capture the emotion of the moment. Songs included including the Bob Marley classic "Waiting In Vain" and the Gnarls Barkely track "Crazy". Beautiful vocals which really took centre stage.

We also heard from Julia Cello. Julia is an exceptional cellist, but chose on Thursday to perform her own track with piano and voice. Original tracks are always well received at the Beehouse Open Mic, and this was no exception - a lovely melodic and well crafted performance, with great vocals - we'd have like to hear more, please come back Julia!

We also heard a poetry recital from Dux Youthworker, warning us of the dangers of the Demon Drink. Dux brought his own personality to the fore from the centre of the bar and moved to the front in an interesting manoeuvre that guaranteed him full attention. A well-known wordsmith, he made his serious point in a memorable and enjoyable way - great to hear skilled poetry coming alive in this very real and organic context. Poets are very welcome at our Open Mics, providing changes and different engagement which can bring a real buzz to the event.

Thanks also for our lovely audience, including Sally Duckers (happy birthday!) Siân Walters, Leila Price, Ian Jones (behind the bar), John Davies, Jessica Evans, Marinke, Sue Newall, Richie, and other too numerous to mention... Thanks to Philip Lane on sound and Jane Lane on keys etc. A spectacular way to spend a rainy Thusday Night. Next Beehouse Open Mic is on the 26th September (Friday) - Jane Lane

Friday 1 August 2014

October 24th - we want YOUR VOICE to support your community facilities

Sponsored Open Mic

The Beehouse is inviting all open mic fans, professional musicians,singers of any kind and genre, amateur performers, visual artists, entertainers, poets, DJs, comedians - anyone in fact who can hold the attention of an audience for 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 minutes to a Sponsored Open Mic, to be held from October 24th over an ENTIRE WEEKEND.

The event, which we would like to receive considerable press coverage, is to be run entirely to support the Llanfyllin Dolydd Building Preservation Trust in its drive to develop the historic Llanfyllin Workhouse into a Centre for Music, Arts and Education.

Please get in touch if you want to perform- click here!
There are 196 slots available for artists to perform in what is planned to be the biggest truly community-generated event for many years. We will be looking for performers from all walks of life - including local personalities, all ages, anyone who wants to have a go and can collect some sponsorship or memberships for us.  We would like to hit record numbers of performers the week before Hallowe'en in what promises to be an atmospheric and memorable occasion.

As the Workhouse has been slowly broadening its activities to incorporate a wide range of community events and activities - Green Hub to DJ nights, gigs and themed events,  parties, dog shows,  grooming and care, the regular and free Open Mic, a wide variety of learning opportunities for gardening and beekeeping, languages tuition, music and music technology lessons, crafts and knitting, art exhibitions, and with much more on the horizon. We can only do this if we have a stable revenue to support the use and development of the building and its facilities.

Membership Discounts
A list of discounts to be made available to members, including community recording rates, will shortly be published giving yet more reason to belong to this great institution. So we would like now to increase that membership

If you would like to perform, please contact Jane or Philip Lane at the Beehouse on 01691 649062 or 01691 649044, or by contacting us online to tell us your name, address, phone number, what length slot you would like, the nature of what you would like to do, and whether you're available all weekend or only at specific times.

Sunday 20 July 2014

Next Open Mic Friday 15th August

Thanks for another great night in the Llanfyllin Workhouse Bar.

The next Open Mic is due to run on Friday (good old Friday again!) the 15th August. Please let me know ASAP if you can commit to playing and we'll run a list of performers here!


Saturday 28 June 2014

Beehouse Open Mic - Llanfyllin Workhouse - 19th July 2014

The Next Open Mic is taking place in the Workhouse Bar on the 19th July - this is a Saturday!

Beehouse Recording Studio Open Mic taking place in the Workhouse Bar this Saturday. All ages and levels of experience welcome, any instrument any genre - with a professional quality PA, lots of friendly faces and the opportunity to perform your music, covers and originals, poetry, and I have heard rumours of some rather exotic things this week.

Come on all you festival goers, your secrets are now out, so there's no place to hide, so come and enjoy the vibe. Audience also welcome, and bring your comb and paper if nothing else! This is definitely the best option of a night out in Powys this weekend.

Loads of parking, and don't forget that if you want to overnight you can stop in the Bunkhouse for a small fee.


Tuesday 17 June 2014

Beehouse Open Mic on the 19th June (Thursday)

Hi Everyone!

Another Open Mic is happening this Thursday 19th June in the Llanfyllin Workhouse Bar. With a different line up, we're looking forward to a very creative evening and hope we can make it as lively as the last one!


Sunday 25 May 2014

Beehouse Open Mic on the 30th May at the Workhouse

The Workhouse is hosting its second ever Beehouse Open Mic This Friday. Please come along and bring your music, or just come as an audience.

Professional PA provided free of charge in the vicinity of a friendly intimate bar.

To find out more please email us from this blog, or call Phil or Jane on 01691 649044

Amateur and professional performers welcome, we have room for all, and also it's nice to have a friendly audience!

May poster